Friday, December 23, 2011

the Visit

We had alot of fun with our company this week. Mom and Dad, Pop Pop, and Christina came. We bowled, ate dinner out, Chad and his dad saw the lights at Temple Square, and we played games! We won't even talk about the shopping. Thanks, guys, for coming. You made Grey's Birthday special and we really enjoyed it! Here are just a few random shots. Mom taught Erin how to braid...on Christina.

Then she made her own Santa hat...complete with 'fluffy' ball on top!

Grey's Birthday!

Grey has had a birthday!

We were running around alot so he opened some presents that morning and some that night and we ended up cutting the cake the next day. We went shopping with Pop Pop and bowling and out for dinner. Whew!

That's right...a Dr. Who shirt!

He opened one of his 2 books and Lance said, "He got a BOOK for his Birthday!?" and Chad said, "Yeah, he's kinda his Mom."

What a cute 12 year old!

Happy Birthday Baby!

Cub Scout Outting

While mom and dad were here we had an outting with the cub scouts. Treats were made for the temple workers and delivered by the boys. We saw the temple from the back side and the parking structure being built. It was a fun and educational trip.

We learned about the architectural plans, the temple Historian, and the themed carvings in temple. The Brigham City Temple theme is peach blossoms! They can be seen all around the outside. The boys enjoyed handing out treats and asking question. 

See the blossoms?

Then we walked across the street and toured the Tabernacle!

Mom even got to play the organ! It sounded very impressive!

All of the wood (which is soft woods like pine) was hand painted to look like more expensive hard wood. Some of the workers painted their names as knots in the wood. Willie is the name of the 87 year old man who guided our tour. He helped reno the Tabernacle 50 years ago.

Each child got to say their name in the microphone from the pulpit so they can now say, "I spoke at the Tabernacle!"

Overall a very good field trip!

Baking with Grandma

My mom and dad came to stay for a week right before Christmas. Mom, Erin, and her friend H. decided to make sugar cookies!!


After clean up! (I love the boots.)

Here we have a miscellaneous collection of things we've done over the past few weeks.

  Above is the putting up of the Christmas tree. We try to wait til after Lance's birthday to 'begin' celebrating Christmas. Below is the HUGE pile of wood. For the first time we ordered a cord of wood so we could have a fire through most of the winter. Nice...

Chad let me open my birthday present early! It was a new lens for my camera! I took the photo below of Chad with the new lens on it. It takes fantastic people pics (although the one below is too dark). I can't wait to fiddle with it. Maybe Erin will pose for me.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dance Class

Chad and I attended dance lessons at church tonight. It was a BLAST! I was not very good but we learned some basics and it was fun. (Waltz, foxtrot, cha cha, and the swing)


Lance's Birthday

Lance just had a Birthday!

A BIG box of LEGOS!!

Playing with presents is a family affair!

The legos are a huge hit...Chad and the kids played with them ALL day for the rest of the day and the 3 or 4 days after that!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Erin's Birthday

Erin just had a Birthday!

I designed and sewed a 'crayon wallet' for Erin to carry around her drawing supplies. It turned out pretty well. I'll need to tweak it a bit if I ever remake one but she likes it!

The boys were NOT excited about a working microphone...they are not fans of her singing.

The chocolate cake fell apart coming out of the pans but it tasted great anyway!

Happy Birthday Baby!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Grey's First Concert!!

Thursday the 17th of November was Grey's first band concert! It's amazing the progress that can be made in just 3 months. Grey plays the French Horn and we are very proud of him!!

His name is at the bottom of the 3rd row:

The man in the orange shirt is the assistant band director.

It was VERY crowded!

The man in the background is the head band director.

Each section in the band got to play a 'solo' within the main song.

After the 6th grade preformed they sat in the bleachers while the 7th graders did their concert.

It was a great concert and afterwords we all went out for icecream. It was a fantastic family evening!