Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today Erin started her first day of pre-school! She was soooooooooooooo excited. School didn't start till 9am but she was up at 7 and asked every 5 minutes if it was time to go! She even had a new barrette and backpack!

My grown up girl!

Playing Around

Lance bought a bag of Connex at the DI a few days ago and Chad helped all the kids make glasses.

Christmas 2010

Christmas was a bright sunny day here in Utah. We opened presents and spent the day chillin' together and playing with our new toys. (On the eve of the 24th I fell down the stairs and twisted my ankle something fierce so I spent the day in the recliner.)

Here are the requisite top-of-the-head shots:

Harry Potter!!

Really BIG dollhouse!


Big Mess! This had me wishing for Brent and his Christmas Garbage Bag.

The caped Lance!

Wonder Erin!

The super-duper Barbie House and Convertible!

The BIG Balloon Party

On December 18th we held our first annual joint birthday party. The theme was Balloons. There were 12 kids (plus mine) that were there and we had a blast! Chad took the boys (ages 8-11) downstairs and I had the three girls upstairs where we played loads of balloon games.

When the boys grew tired of the balloon games Lance's set played competitive games on the Wii and Grey's set had a massive Nerf dart gun war. We didn't get pictures of the epic battle because we would have lost an eye. (Although there may be some in the other camera, which I cannot find at this time.)

The big boys had one more go-round with the left over balloons.

After all the games and pizza and cake we watched 'Dispicable Me'.

 With the last of the non-helium balloons we had a 20 second musical moment. (Warning this is loud and annoying.)

Everyone got a gift bag and a few helium balloons to take home with them.
Thanks for coming guys, we had fun!!

To Begin Again...At the Beginning

So, after problems with the first Koyle Family Blog we're gonna start again (just picking up where we left off). Our last post was about L's Birthday so today we're gonna cover G's 11th birthday. He is almost as tall as I am now and he can wear my boots!! It's crazy to think he's so old!

He got a few books, a remote control helicopter and the all important computer game.

And because we're bad parents only one little candle. (I swear I had bought some more but we couldn't find them anywhere!) Happy Birthday my handsome son!