Saturday, March 26, 2011

the Great Hair Mishap

When I was a child I got gum stuck in my hair and it had to be cut. (Maybe it was one of my sisters; I'm not sure.) My hair was longer to begin with so the cut wasn't too dramatic. Well, Erin got a small round brush so stuck in her hair today that she had to have her hair cut too. We tried to get it out with detangler and some good old fashioned pulling to no avail.

Her hair is much shorter than mine was back in the day. It was starting to hurt so we took a deep breath and chopped the brush off. Yikes!

Then we had to run and get an emergency pixie cut before all the shops closed.

I love it! She looks so cute! She kept saying that she feels stupid for getting the brush stuck but I told her almost every woman I know has had to have an emergency hair cut at some point in her life.


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  1. I love the profile shot when she getting her hair cute. What a SWEET face!!!