Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the Angel Moroni

Well, I'm skipping a few things I need to blog about in order to share the interesting time we had trying to see the angel Moroni being put on the Brigham City Temple. It was a dark and stormy day. At noon people from all over town gathered to see the sight. Every street for blocks was lined with cars, every yard with a view around the trees was full, and we managed to find one of the last empty spots in an abandonded parking lot next to a run down apartment building 2 blocks away from the action. From behind.

Our View:

We got really excited...

Even KSL TV was there to see via helicopter.

After waiting for over an hour the word went out that the angel had been unhooked from his crane and moved away. The wind was blowing too hard and it was too wet. We went home dissapointed.

Later that afternoon (around 4p.m.) Mom and I ran downtown to the quilt shop to match some fabric she had for a quilt. This is what we saw:

We literally saw the last 3 minutes of the angel being attached! It was bright, sunny, and windless. 

So now Brigham City has it's own Angel Moroni!

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