Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 4th 2011

July 4th was Brigham City's Fireworks Spectacular! This is by far my favorite event for the city each year. We arrived to the park around 8pm and had a couple of hours to kill. This is what I got when I asked for smiles.

We played UNO.

This is the looks I got when I beat them ALL!!

Once the local baseball game was done we moved over to a sweet spot by the fence. We then commenced to chill-axe. We had snacks and drinks and cool grass. Perfect!

More UNO was played as the sun set a little after 9:30.

The park was full and soon it was time to cozy up and prepare for the fireworks!
 (This pic was taken right before they cut off the stadium lights.)



It was a very fun family activity, one we look forward to all year.
 Y'all should come and join us next time!

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  1. have just found your new blog Jenifer. Boy the kiddies have grown!
    Love the fireworks.