Monday, August 29, 2011

the First Day of School 2011

Today was the first day of school. (Thank Goodness!) There was excitement and trepidation. Grey started his first day at intermediate (middle) school and Erin started Kindergarden. Lance is in third grade this year and has a male teacher (our first).  Grey really liked a few of his classes and getting a locker and such. Lance loved his teacher. Erin didn't start until 11:55 so after the boys left at 8a.m. we had 3 hours of, "Is it lunch time yet?" Sigh...   So anywho, here are the only pictures that kinda turned out. I have this fantastic camera and no one who will pose for me. What you see is what you get.

Chad came out the back door to tell the kids to PUT YOUR ARMS DOWN! He stepped out and heard the door snick closed behind him and lock. We were locked out of the house!! We all tromped around through the fence to the front yard. Thankfully Chad had his keys in his pocket. However, the doors were all still deadbolted or chained. His keys did unlock my van and since Grey had gone through the garage that morning to the freezer, the light was on, which allowed us to open the garage door with the van opener. (The garage door won't open unless the light is on powering the motor.) We could then enter through the open side door into the kitchen. Whew...crises was averted but tempers were shot! 
Chad took Lance to school and Erin and I took Grey to his school.  
This is what Lance looked like when Chad left him:

He was not excited.

Chad came home early for lunch so he and I could take Erin to her first day of Kindergarden. This is what she looked like when we left:

She was excited.

I was fine when Grey jumped out of the car and ran off until Erin said, "This is what Grey going to college will be like!" I almost lost it! I was so worried about Lance but he came home really happy about his class. And I only teared up a little when we left Erin in her new class. It has been a stressful day...for me!

Oh, just as a side note, I found this on my notebook today once the kids were gone:


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  1. all the kiddies look so grown up on their first day back at school.
    Glad their days went ok.
    Did you find out if George was there or not?