Sunday, November 20, 2011

Grey's First Concert!!

Thursday the 17th of November was Grey's first band concert! It's amazing the progress that can be made in just 3 months. Grey plays the French Horn and we are very proud of him!!

His name is at the bottom of the 3rd row:

The man in the orange shirt is the assistant band director.

It was VERY crowded!

The man in the background is the head band director.

Each section in the band got to play a 'solo' within the main song.

After the 6th grade preformed they sat in the bleachers while the 7th graders did their concert.

It was a great concert and afterwords we all went out for icecream. It was a fantastic family evening!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the Christmas Card Photo Shoot

So I FINALLY got my camera back and we were able to drive around town on Sunday afternoon and get some pics for the Christmas cards. It was COLD but at least most of the snow had melted off. (I'm not including the picture for the actual'll just have to wait!)

This is my favorite...

the First Real Snow of the Season

So we had our first real snow this week. Several snowmen were built and destroyed. (Death by Halloween was messy.)

Yep...grapes and a baby carrot!

Halloween 2011

My camera was in the shop for Halloween so we only have a few photos that Chad shot with his iPhone. Grey was too old for Trick or Treating this year. Erin was Repunzal and the wig has made her want to grow out her hair! Lance was Mario just like in his Wii game!