Sunday, November 20, 2011

Grey's First Concert!!

Thursday the 17th of November was Grey's first band concert! It's amazing the progress that can be made in just 3 months. Grey plays the French Horn and we are very proud of him!!

His name is at the bottom of the 3rd row:

The man in the orange shirt is the assistant band director.

It was VERY crowded!

The man in the background is the head band director.

Each section in the band got to play a 'solo' within the main song.

After the 6th grade preformed they sat in the bleachers while the 7th graders did their concert.

It was a great concert and afterwords we all went out for icecream. It was a fantastic family evening!


  1. Awesome! Yay Grey!!!! Wish we could have been there. I love the french horn.

  2. That's super cool. I don't know if you remember this but when you were pregnant with Grey I sat there one day and whispered to your belly that I wanted him to play French Horn. Inutero-brainwashing! I LOVE IT! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!