Thursday, June 21, 2012

the Dino Park a la Schroeder

Rose and Co. came to spend a few days with us whilst they were out visiting family. They attended one of Lance's ball games, we went swimming, and we visited the Eccles Dinosaur Museum. (Jim, Sam and Lance went to the Hill Airforce Base Museum instead.) If I can get ahold of some of Rose's pictures I'll post those too.

The Utah Natural History Museum uses this museum as a sort of satellite office and they had a rock sample they were excavating for dino bones as we watched.

They had little activity centers, too.

The boys aren't really up for posing for pictures.  ;)

Upstairs they had mineral displays and some random stuff that had been donated.

When you step outside the first dinos you see are eating each other...right next to the food court. Erin was not impressed.

We had some treats anyway.

I let Erin take some photos with my big camera and I used my new phone to get some of her.

Some of hers:

She was a little obsessed with Tyler.

And is it a little depressing that some of her pictures are as good as mine!?

It was a nice sunny day in the 70's. A perfect afternoon activity!

Lance's First Baseball Game

June 11, 2012 was Lance's first machine pitch baseball game! He enjoys standing around in the outfield and he's pretty good at hitting the ball when his turn at bat comes up. They won their first game and we all had fun attending.

Most of our games are played in Memorial Field and his team is the Rockies.

About half way through the game the sprinklers came on and nailed the people in the bleachers to our right. (It was kinda funny.)

Chad had the foresight to bring a blanket that we could sling over the back of our bleachers to block the sun that was beating on our backs.

After Lance's victory we went to Peach City and had milkshakes and french fries.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tour De Cure 2012

Chad managed to raise $250 for the Cure Diabetes Tour De Cure. He practiced for months and rode the 25 mile circuit.  Nucor raised enough money to have their own tent. Chad was number 759!

We (me, Grey and Erin) were recovering from the stomach flu so we look a little rough. We were so glad to be well enough to be there at the start. We went home to rest and came back for the finish.

And they're off!

 Waiting at the finish line an hour and a half later!

Chad did his 25 miles in a little less than an hour and a half. WooHoo!!

They handed out red foam hands and there was food set up for the riders afterwards.  It was a beautiful day. Sunny, windy and 66!

Chad really wanted one of the bells they were handing out to sit on his desk at work but they were all out by the end of the race. I managed to find one at the last minute...go me!! We are so proud of him for taking on this race and doing such a good job! He's already decided to take on the 60 mile race next year.