Sunday, June 10, 2012

May 2012 Part 2 (Erin's Opera)

Erin's BIG OPERA was on May 17th. She has been preparing and working on this Opera for months. They painted the scenery, wrote the play, and the lyrics for the songs. It was AWESOME!!
She picked out her sparkly 'Mrs. Santa' dress as her costume. She played a 'human' (there were humans, kitty cats, aliens, and rocks.) Of course we had to do some posing first.

All of the Kindergarden classes were holding their operas that night so the kids gathered in Mrs. Jensen's class to kill a few minutes.

Grey was sitting with a friend but Lance and Chad were so excited!

Mrs. Jensen has been the best K teacher! She introduced the opera and played the music.

As we open our Opera the people are looking at fireworks in the sky:

The loud noises scare the kitties and they run away!


The aliens have lost their kitties too!

 They try to find the run away kitties!

The kitties have been caught in a trap! But wait! What's that? It's the ROCKS!! They've been woken up by all the noise the kitties are making!  They'll save the kitties!

The rocks use their handy box of keys to unlock the trap and release the kitties.

Meanwhile the humans lament:

They decide to play ball...

To be continued...

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