Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tour De Cure 2012

Chad managed to raise $250 for the Cure Diabetes Tour De Cure. He practiced for months and rode the 25 mile circuit.  Nucor raised enough money to have their own tent. Chad was number 759!

We (me, Grey and Erin) were recovering from the stomach flu so we look a little rough. We were so glad to be well enough to be there at the start. We went home to rest and came back for the finish.

And they're off!

 Waiting at the finish line an hour and a half later!

Chad did his 25 miles in a little less than an hour and a half. WooHoo!!

They handed out red foam hands and there was food set up for the riders afterwards.  It was a beautiful day. Sunny, windy and 66!

Chad really wanted one of the bells they were handing out to sit on his desk at work but they were all out by the end of the race. I managed to find one at the last minute...go me!! We are so proud of him for taking on this race and doing such a good job! He's already decided to take on the 60 mile race next year.

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