Friday, July 13, 2012

the Nucor Picnic 2012

Chad arrived home (from a four day trip to Canada) just in time for us to attend the annual Nucor Company Picnic. It is one of our favorite events of the year. Nucor is such an awesome company to work for and be apart of.

We even ran into some old friends!!

And of course we got our faces painted. Erin was a pink tiger/kitty.

Grey was a dinosaur/demon thingy...

Lance was a cyborg!

It's a good thing we finished face painting when we did. The wind started GUSTING!! I was holding one of the legs of the face painters tent to keep it from blowing away!

They took down the bouncy houses and we were one of the last people to get snow cones before their tent blew down too. We had a great BBQ dinner and the kids had an hour and a half to play.

One of the bouncy houses making a break for it!!

Lance and Chad making a break for it!! The wind was blowing so hard you had to lean forward when you walked! It was a short picnic but alot of fun too!!

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