Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Brigham City Harvest of Faith Celebration Pt. 1

OK...this is a photo heavy post so I'll explain a little bit but mostly we 're just gonna truck along.
Grey agreed to participate in the Cultural Celebration held for the opening of our new temple. He agreed to preform in the choir. There were 4000 kids in the hour and a half long program. We were lucky enough to score tickets for our whole family (including my mom) thanks to Tina Howard. Thanks, Tina!! We arrived at 5:30 and it started at 6:30 but we still barely got a seat. As it was, we were at the bottom of the bleachers so the photos don't do the program justice.
They asked people from around the new temple district to paint a tile for a mural.

Elder Nelson and Elder Perry were the VIP's for the program. You could tell they were excited to be there and see this group of kids dance and sing.

The program narrator talked about how we are reaping the harvest planted by the generations of people in the area before us. The first group was the Shoshoni Indians.

Next came the early Danish settlers and then a wave of Welsh settlers. Some areas in Utah have the highest percentages of Welsh decendents outside of Wales.

Next were the Hispanics and then the Pioneers from everywhere else.

Then they started talking about the development of Brigham City itself.

Some of the old photos were awesome!

Many of these old buildings can still be found around town. The building below is the school that originally sat on the block that the temple now occupies. It was torn down several years before we moved to Utah.

Next came the train!
Workers from Asia came from California and immigrants from other areas met up in Utah to join the East and West coasts.

There's Grey!!


On to part 2!!

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