Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Celebration of Learning for the Boys

We attended Lance's Celebration of Learning at the end of April. For those who don't know, a Celebration of Learning is an end of the semester "show and tell". Lance's was held at the train depot in Brigham. They had been studying the meeting of the railroads here in Utah and the people who migrated here to build them. 

There were some 1860's worker's songs. The train went by twice and shook the building each time.

As an end of the year project the kids reenacted some scenes from that time. The photos were then made into a calendar. It was super cool!

Grey's Celebration was to show the parents how the landscaping of the side area around the school had been planned. They spent the whole year visiting landscaping colleges in the area and planning different eco-systems and pricing supplies. Each year the acre of land will be developed by the students according to the plans worked up this year. We went from area to area where the students explained what each section was slated to become. There are areas for fruits and vegetables that will be used and sold by the school.

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