Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Murder Mystery Dinner

The older kids were at a loss for what to do for Halloween this year. I believe when you hit 13 years or 5'7" you should stop going door to door. So we came up with the idea of hosting a murder mystery dinner! We told the kids they could dress up or not - but to our surprise they all dressed up and got into character. It was an absolute blast and the kids demanded we make it an annual event.

Chad showed up (after taking the younger two trick or treating) in character as Master Chef Chad. The kids loved it! It really was the best way to spend Halloween. 

the Corn Maze

Lance's class went on some field work to Nelson's Corn Maze in Perry. We walked to the maze from the school. It was very breezy and cool but a lot of fun. Part of the walk put us next to 
Interstate 15 and the kids began making the arm signal that tells truckers to honk. 
We got 35 some odd truckers to honk at us. It was hilarious! 

Halloween 2013

This year Erin went as a witch and Lance was a wraith. Erin was cute and Lance was freaky.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A little bit of Little E

Erin and her stuffed animals. The fish is on loan from her class. She had to come up with a story and some pictures to go with it.