Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our Trip Down South Part I

We decided that for Erin's baptism and Thanksgiving this year we would return to our family down south.

We prepared a count down calendar and crossed off the days! We had decided that the kids and I would fly into New Orleans on a Wednesday and Chad would join us in South Carolina on Saturday. So the kids and I flew into New Orleans where we surprised my mom by having all of my brother and sisters meet us there.

She was shocked. From there we all drove into New Orleans and over to Cafe Du Monde. On our walk over to the cafe Lance was stopped by some street performers and told if he danced they'd give him $40. So White Chocolate (as they called him) danced!

The beignets were as good as I remember them being. Fantastic! 

John and his wife and daughter met us there. We haven't seen John in ages!

That evening we drove from New Orleans to Grandma's house in Pass Christian. She didn't know we all were coming either. But I'll cover that in the next entry.

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